First CSA box from Drapers

Renee could not pick up her first box at Drapers and I was having company so I was happy to do so.  She opted for a half share which means she gets to pick $12 worth of produce each week.  I chose a large box of snow peas, a small box of strawberries and a small box of cherries.Displaying 20170621_124313.jpg

The snowpeas are so sweet they require very little work, top and tail them, then cut in evenly sized pieces so they will cook at the same rate (see picture below), quickly saute over medium high heat in a little olive oil.  Salt and pepper, do not overcook and finish with a little sesame oil.  Simple and delicious!

Displaying 20170621_135251.jpgDisplaying 20170621_135401.jpg

I wanted a simple dessert so I could spend more time with my guests, so I used the strawberries, some of my frozen blueberries and blackberries and made a “razzleberry” crisp.  See picture.  A little ice cream and my family was very happy.Displaying 20170622_203841.jpg

The  cherries I kept for my late night snack after they went home,  yum!  Thanks Renee……

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